Macro Abstract and Pigs

macro close up image of tan and green lichen looking like shag carpet on the side of a caveI’ve been grooving on my macro lens recently. I’ve wanted one for years and now that I have it, I am feeling the joy. For example, this lichen in Warsaw Caves park. Looks like shag carpet or a furry coat.

macro close up image of the inside of one of warsaw cave's larger kettlesThe macro lens can make just about anything look like an abstract. The inside of this kettle in Warsaw Caves shows enough detail to be identifiable…

macro close up image of the inside of one of warsaw cave's larger kettles, it looks like a grey landscape with a crack in it… but in these photos, it looks like a landscape, or just colour and texture.

I find it interesting that after years of shooting vast landscapes I find myself going to the other extreme. How close can I get?

Pretty darn close, apparently.

And when the subject is as lovely as these piglets, it’s hard not to get right in there and say hello.

Dusk Dances 2017

It’s Dusk Dances time again.

Passerelles-la rivière, Choreographed by Julie Pilon & MÉlissandre Tremblay-Bourassa

This week we were in Repentigny, Quebec at the Centre d’Art Diane-Dufresne.

The place in between: La Otra Orilla, Choreographed and directed by, Myriam Allard and Hedi Graja (La Otra Orilla)

At the end of the month (July 27-30) we’ll be in Hamilton.

Rawrabide: Gadfly. Choreographed by Ofilio Sinbadinho

After that, Toronto (August 7th-13th) and Barrie (August 17th-20th).

La gigue en souvenir: Bouchardanse, Choreographed by Sylvie Bouchard, With Mélissandre Tremblay-Bourassa for the last section

Be sure to come check it out if it’s going to be near you.

There are a lovely set of dances again this year.

Bound, Choreographed by Louis-Martin Charest

It’ll make you as happy as dancer, choreographer and Dusk Dances creator, Sylvie Bouchard is in this photo.

Come enjoy the dance!