Emergency #21

Another busy show week for me, but I did get a chance to take a whack of photos.

I’m off to a rehearsal and a show, though, so won’t caption each photo. Maybe next week, while I’ve got a few moments to spare, I’ll revise the post with credits. But for now – come see the show and you can find out who’s who here at the Public Energy event page.

There’s three programs. Program A and Mirmidon opened last night. Program B opens tonight and you can see both programs Saturday starting at 7:30 and Mirmidon has a Sunday matinee.

Lots of good stuff.


Little Fire, Winnie Brave, Flooding and First Crocus

Last weekend I went to see Little Fire at the Barbeside. This quartet, headed by Charlie Maine, presents some solid, blues and soul based pop. Read more “Little Fire, Winnie Brave, Flooding and First Crocus”

Haliburton Rehearsal

This week we’re in Haliburton with Dusk Dances. The landscape is beautiful and the park where we’re performing is alongside the lovely Head Lake.

It’s been a busy tour and I haven’t had much time for more than snapshots.

Yesterday I walked out of my motel room to see the dancers and co-choreographers rehearsing Incandescent in preparation for our Peterborough show. Read more “Haliburton Rehearsal”

24 Hour Music Project 2013


The 24 Hour Music Project is a fabulous event that just had it’s third year. 10 composers team up to create 5 bands made up of Peterborough musicians who perform 20 minutes of music created within 24 hours.

It started out quietly enough. I walked into the Red Dog to see Julia Fenn and Liam Wilson tuning up (above).

Then the shows began. Read more “24 Hour Music Project 2013”