London Street Footbridge

image of footbridge over riverI’ve been walking a lot recently – getting fresh air, enjoying the subtle changes in the snowy landscape. I love to walk to the Otonabee river to see how fast it’s going or how much it froze or thawed since I was last there. The London Street Footbridge is one of my favourite spots to stand and watch the water move.

Plus the wooden slats make great crunching sounds under the snow as you cross.

Ahhhrrggghh! (and Dam)

image of woman drummingThis is Amanda drumming and screaming into the mic. while playing with Bumpin’ Tacos last weekend at Ossia. That night I also enjoyed GinNTonixxx and Death by Artschool.


On a more quiet note and for those who are curious about the state of the ice at the bottom of the dam, Read more “Ahhhrrggghh! (and Dam)”

Ice Below the Dam

image of large ice skirt around a tree

I sometimes get myself into some dangerous situations taking photos: standing roadside at night, on a hill in a lightning storm, in a mosh pit in front of a band. I don’t take unnecessary risks, but they’re not places for the faint of heart.

On this particular adventure, however, I actually felt uneasy. I didn’t know when the dam might open, or one of the huge ice skirts might come crashing down or a tree collapse under the weight (one had before I arrived). The footing was slippery shale and the icy water was moving very fast.

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