Non-storms and Surprise Fairs (And Call for Photographers)

image of sunsetLast Saturday it threatened to storm all day. Big clouds, dropping temperatures. In the evening gusts of wind started to whip through town.

I jumped in the car hoping to catch something spectacular, but as I topped the hill near the university I saw one brief flash of sheet lighting and then the clouds parted. The sky cleared and the sun turned bright yellow and stained the sky with peaches and oranges. Read more “Non-storms and Surprise Fairs (And Call for Photographers)”

Horses and Clouds

image of two horses in a fieldThis was a very windy day. Driving out past Selwyn I spotted these two tearing around in their field. I pulled over to snap a pic. They were curious enough to come check me out, but in seconds a gust of wind sent them scattering back towards their buddies.

Back in Peterborough Read more “Horses and Clouds”

Norwood Fair

I love the Norwood Fair. Everything about it. Especially the horse pulls:  the power, the strength, the big handsome horses.

This guy was pretty happy, hangin’ by his trailer with his team-mate. He was very curious about my camera. Kept looking right into the lens. Very photogenic.

And look at that sky. What a beautiful day.