November Skies (also Workshop and Show)

Before I get to this week’s photos, please allow me to remind/invite you to my three part workshop, The Exposure Triangle. Classes start tomorrow at 1pm at Artspace.

Also, I have a show up. Hidden Architecture. It seems this time of year often presents an opportunity for a last minute show and this year is no exception. Head into Tonic Hair Studio on George Street to check out some new work.


image of altocumulus clouds at duskThe clouds this week have been moody and with the time change, the sun is going down earlier.

image of grey clouds over rural roadI have to get out earlier if I want to catch the light before it’s gone.

But it’s all ok with me if the clouds are going to be this interesting.

image of horses in field under stormy sky

Jim and Pete (Norwood Fair)

close up image of heavy horse harness, martingaleThe Norwood Fair. One of my favourite weekends. I love everything about it. The fairway, the rides, the craft barn, the greasy food, donuts, apples, all of it. But mostly I love the horses. Read more “Jim and Pete (Norwood Fair)”

Non-storms and Surprise Fairs (And Call for Photographers)

image of sunsetLast Saturday it threatened to storm all day. Big clouds, dropping temperatures. In the evening gusts of wind started to whip through town.

I jumped in the car hoping to catch something spectacular, but as I topped the hill near the university I saw one brief flash of sheet lighting and then the clouds parted. The sky cleared and the sun turned bright yellow and stained the sky with peaches and oranges. Read more “Non-storms and Surprise Fairs (And Call for Photographers)”