The Corner of Hunter and George

image of Hunter and George Streets, Peterborough, at night
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I haven’t done too many panoramic cityscapes. I thought I’d go out in the fog last night and have a try at a street corner. The fog was pretty much lifted by the time I got to this set of images, but you can see the water collected on the lens.

The parallax issue becomes extra challenging, but also extra fun in the result. I like the way I have to break and bend the buildings in a kind of Dr. Seussian way to get everything to match up.

Little Lake 360­° and Fire in the Sky

360 degree image of little lake, peterborough at sunset in fallWe’ve had such beautiful clear weather recently it’s been hard to find a dramatic sky. Earlier this week it started to turn fall-like again with wind and rain and this intense sunset over Little Lake. The sky was the same colour as the trees behind me.

As the sun went down, it looked like the city was on fire. Read more “Little Lake 360­° and Fire in the Sky”

Cottages, Beaches and Storms (Ackison Road 360°)

image of trees reflected in water on a lake at a cottage on Catalina Bay

The light changes are slow and broad this time of year. This is the view off a friend’s dock when I arrived last weekend. Below Read more “Cottages, Beaches and Storms (Ackison Road 360°)”

Peterborough 360° and Cows Before the Storm

image of downtown Peterborough, Ontario under a storm
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A remarkable weather pattern blew over Peterborough last Monday. I rushed to the parking garage in the middle of town to set up my tripod and umbrella. I caught most of it as it flew past, with cloud and wind, rainbow and eerie amber light.

It was hard to choose which photos to post, so at the bottom there’s a full gallery Read more “Peterborough 360° and Cows Before the Storm”