24 Hour Music Project 2013


The 24 Hour Music Project is a fabulous event that just had it’s third year. 10 composers team up to create 5 bands made up of Peterborough musicians who perform 20 minutes of music created within 24 hours.

It started out quietly enough. I walked into the Red Dog to see Julia Fenn and Liam Wilson tuning up (above).

Then the shows began. Read more “24 Hour Music Project 2013”

24 Hours To Ride

image of Tom Reader and his trombone
That’s Tom Reader and his trombone at the 24-Hour Music Project, which  was a joy and a delight. I had no idea what to expect. I knew only that a bunch of songwriters wrote a bunch of songs one night and a bunch of musicians rehearsed them and played them the next night.

The range of styles and the immediacy of the tunes took us on a giddy roller-coaster into the great beyond.  Read more “24 Hours To Ride”