Going Down to Jackson Video and Portrait Special

Here it is!

My Going Down to Jackson video is being projected for two more nights in downtown Peterborough (time and location details available by following the link). But for those of you who can’t make it, here’s the video to watch in the comfort of your own home. Or wherever it is you happen to be while you’re watching it.

Enjoy! I certainly enjoyed making it. Read more “Going Down to Jackson Video and Portrait Special”

Going Down to Jackson Showings

GDJ_Ackhurst Hi all,

I don’t usually post more than once a week, but I wanted to let you know where and when you can see the projections of my Going Down to Jackson project.

It’s going to be projected on the sides of buildings in various locations downtown all of this week. Read more “Going Down to Jackson Showings”

Going Downtown With Jackson

jacksoncreek_bill_laurelI’m finally finished my rubber boot photo project.

This is Bill Kimball and Laurel Paluck. They’ve been working to help make Artsweek happen. Read more “Going Downtown With Jackson”

Petunia, Grier and the Corner Where I Live

image of PetuniaI saw Petunia play at the Garnet this week. He’s charming, talented and his unique music is worth a night out. Find him playing in your town and enjoy.

I also had the chance to take some snaps of handsome baby Grier. Read more “Petunia, Grier and the Corner Where I Live”

Leigh of the Golden Harp

image of Leigh Macdonald wearing a flowing deep golden brown tunic with a giant harp emerging from her head and trailing town behind her to her sandaled feet

Another from the upcoming Jack and the Beanstalk. This is Leigh MacDonald who will soon be playing the Golden Harp. This was a costume test for Mel McCall, designer. She wanted to see if the harp would stay in place. Also, some photos were needed for publicity.

I love the incongruous image of Leigh with the harp walking through what looks like a neighbourhood party. If only all block parties had giant harps.

ALSO NOTE: I will be in Millenium Park tomorrow selling photos for Artsweek’s Art in the Park. Come on down and have a look. Many sizes, many prices, framed and unframed. Small fridge magnet photos are $5. Very fun.

Becket and Rae

These two are Becket and Rae. Rae was just a couple of months old and her mom and dad wanted a family portrait. Becket initially refused to have his photo snapped, but once we shared some time taking pictures of his race cars he was quite happy to pose. The camera isn’t as scary once you’ve spent a little time on the other side.