Tiny Flowers

image of Origanum vulgare plant with dime for size comparison for tiny flowersContinuing on my new obsession with flowering plants that grow conveniently within arms reach, here are three with really tiny flowers that happen to have blossoms right now.

Above and below is Origanum vulgare, italian oregano.

I put the dime in the photo so you can see how tiny the flowers are…

closeup of Origanum vulgare, italian oregano flowerBut they’re quite exotic when you get the lens up close.

And to think we just crush them and sprinkle them into our food. They are, for certain, quite tasty.

image of Oxalis triangularis, shamrock plant with inset of flower compared to canadian dime for sizeAlthough this plant looks like it’s mostly a spider plant (which is mostly is) there’s also Oxalis triangularis, or false shamrock in there. The flower in the inset is from that plant. (The plant is apparently edible. Who knew?)

closeup image of Oxalis triangularis, shamrock flowerThe flowers tend to hang with their heads down and never really open up all the way. At least on my plants. But if you look down in there, the stamen and pistils are really quite complex and detailed.

image of Chlorophytum comosum, spider plant, with inset of flower compared to canadian dime for sizeAnd here’s the spider plant. Not to be overshadowed by its pot neighbour.

Also sporting tiny flowers, it sends them out on long shoots so you can’t help but notice.

closeup image of Chlorophytum comosum, spider plantSo showy.

As the megaflora out there in the land of autumn is dying back for the winter, it’s nice to have a few little things putting on a show inside.

Go little tiny flowers, go!

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