Early Spring

image of crocus in  gardenThe first crocus is up a full two weeks earlier than last year and there’s a lot more green in the garden, too. Such an early spring.

Even the peepers and geese are a couple weeks ahead of themselves. If you look closely to the mid left you can see a goose just lit by the sun.

image of marsh in springThis is the marsh on University Road. It’s  in full spring swing.

image of marsh in springYou should hear the peepers and geese making their springtime cacophony.

In fact, you can – I made a not great recording on my cell phone while I was there so you could hear what I was hearing:

(no flash? click this link) Spring marsh sounds, University Road, March 19, 2012

And these are the Peepers that were going crazy with spring joy up at the University this week:

(no flash? click this link) Spring Peepers, Trent University, March 20, 2012

Those are some serious sounds of spring.


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